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The idea of on-demand apps originally came from Uber. Because it’s the most popular and widely used idea that not only changed cab booking industry but we can say most of the industries somewhere.
We have developed on-demand vegetables and fruits delivery app which is based on Uber concept as well. It helps households/ users to order fresh vegetables and fruits from nearby shop. Let’s have a tour of our app features with us:


Unlike other apps, we have implemented simple sign on feature which allow users to quickly access app and place an order. We just ask mobile number and city of the user to create their account. App sends short code to verify mobile number of users.

Why we ask users to select their city?

We can use GPS to fetch current location of the user. But we would like to give facility to our users to register from anywhere in the Worlds. With this feature, our app user can order vegetables and fruits for their kids even he is out of the city.

Second reason to ask user location is most of the start-up has limited funding and they can’t start their services in all major cities and entire country from day one. So, if the selected city of user is out of served area, app won’t allow them to order.

Select Delivery Address: After successful verification of mobile number. User will enter their delivery address in search bar to check delivery location. User can also use current location to set as delivery address if he is available on the same location.


Why this screen has “Change Location” option?

Initially, there will be limited shops in the served areas. We allow shops to choose radius to deliver orders. If customer address is out of delivery area (radius) of available shop then customer will be asked to change location else start shopping. We have designed this app in a way to make payment only when shop accepts the order.

Shopping Screen:

Customer will see all the listed products in two categories: Fruits & Vegetables. Customer can filter by these categories and search by name from search bar. Product list will have product image, name, price, price description whether its per kg, per dozen, 5kg, 10kg pack etc as listed by admin. Customer has option to increase/decrease quantity and add product into cart.

All the partner shop will deliver all listed product for the price listed by admin. In Admin panel we have implemented a pricing solution program to decide best price of each product daily.


Cart Screen:

Customer will tap on cart icon on shop screen to open cart screen. Cart will show selected products and quantity with total price and total quantity. Customer can increase/ decrease qty of products and delete any product from cart. If customer want to add any other product, they can go back to shop screen to add more products. If customer has a promo code, they apply promo code to get discount on the purchase and place their order.
Once the order is placed, system triggers a notification to all nearby shops which come in the set radius and customer see a waiting screen with 6 minutes countdown timer and cancel order option.

Customer Detail and Payment:

If order is accepted, customer will be asked to provide personal info like first name, last name, email which saved into database. Customer will choose payment option or cash on delivery to complete order.
Customer will earn reward point on each purchase. They can redeem reward points when purchase on payment screen.


Track Order:

After successful payment, customer can track their order on Google map with status and estimated delivery time. Customer can tap on call button to initiate call directly with delivery man.

Rate Shop:

when delivery man mark the order as complete from shop mobile app, customer will be asked to rate their experience. Customer can share their feedback on the completed order by social media.

Customer Profile:

Customer can update their personal info, payment info, check order history, and update notifications setting from this screen. Mobile number will be verified again if customer updates their number.


Shop Mobile App:

We have developed separate mobile app for shops. Please check NEXT case study for shop mobile app.
If you want to develop an on-demand mobile app for grocery, vegetables and fruits, please do contact us. We will help you throughout the process and provide you customized solution based on your custom requirements.

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