Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication

Security is primary concern in the internet World. Every business wants to streamline its internal operations and keep their data safe and secure. Single sign-on is useful to save time from managing so many passwords. Its not easy to remember a unique pass for each product, platform so businesses want to provide easy access to their employees and customers.

Authentication is the process that verifies user’s identity. Single Sign-on used to verify user identity once and provide access accounts, services, products and tools.

Type of SSO Authentication:

1. Internal-Facing SSO Authentication

Every large corporation, enterprise organisation, and governments wants. Complete secure solution for employees to access every concerned tool, software, digital account they need for day to day activities.

2. External-Facing/ User-Facing SSO Authentication

External facing authentication is useful for end users. Enterprise Businesses strive to make end-user’s live much easier and promote their all services, tools, software by providing one time login to access all.

For example if google will provide separate account for its services like Gmail, Drive, YouTube, Analytics etc every user wont try these services but you can access all by login your Gmail account.

Single Sign-Out:

Its the inverse process of sign sign-on. If you log out your account from one of the configured application, session will expire for all. You will save time again after sign-in.

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