Progressive Web App (PWA)

Progressive Web App is an advance version of websites which gives users a mobile app like experience on mobile browser. When visiting a website on mobile, If you see a button “Add to Home Screen” you can understand its an PWA. If you click on the button, Web App will be installed in background and create an icon on home screen of mobile so that user can access the website quickly same as native app.

Why do we need a Progressive Web App?

PWA is trendy solution in web development. It gives users a native app like experience on mobile browser and website like experience on big screens.

Interactive & Engaging:

It has almost similar advance features as native apps. Easy access, launch it from mobile home screen, push notification, look and feel just like native app.

Number of Mobile users:

Mobile users are increasing rapidly in the World. Mobile users prefer to use native apps than browsing a website in mobile browser. So it was necessary to find a solution to increase users on web and PWA is perfect solution to overcome it.

Limited Space of Mobile:

People spend about 85% of their time on mobile and 15% on desktop but due to the limited space of mobile phone, users face issue to download mobile apps they want. PWA solve this problem. User can create launch icon on home screen of the websites they want to use frequently and access them as an app without downloading native app.

Cost Effective:

Every start-up face funding issue and it takes time to develop a website then mobile app for iOS and Android platform. PWA is finest solution to save time and cost.

Internet Speed:

PWA can work on slow internet speed. Sometimes we face internet issue and we can’t browse websites/ apps. PWA can run well on 2G network.

Load Fast:

PWAs cache the data so it loads in browser really fast. You can even use a website without internet connection.

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