Simple Guide about BlockChain & CriptoCurrency


A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System, Satoshi Nakamoto Said. He found a way to build a decentralized digital cash system. Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency created and stored electronically in blockchain. It uses encryption techniques (criptographyt) to control creation of monetary units and to verify the transfer of funds. Hence it is very secure.


Blockchain is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions. Constantly growing as ‘completed’ blocks (the most recent transactions) are recorded and added to it in chronological order, it allows market participants to keep track of digital currency transactions without central recordkeeping. Each node (a computer connected to the network) gets a copy of the blockchain, which is downloaded automatically.


Initial Coin Offering somewhat similar to IPO (Initial Public Offering) is a fundraising mechanism for new ventures by selling their underlying crypto tokens in exchange for BTC, ETH, LTC etc.

Difference BTW Token and Coin:

Coins are developed with native blockchain technology like BTC, LTC, ETH and Dash. Coins have their own protocol. They don’t run on any other platform whereas Tokens are actually built on other platforms.
Token creation is much easy process. You don’t need to modify a particular protocol or create a blckchain from scratch. You need to follow their standerd template on the blockchain such as Ethereum or Waves platform.

Smart Contract Development at SPS INC:

We want to educate our customers and the World to understand its concept to take wise decision. CriptoCurrency is not real money its a virtual money but it require more security whether you buy a coin, token, save them into a wallet or exchange on a platform.

This is why a Project Manager is important

Project Manager is the key person who know about the project from beginning to end. He/She play very important role to make things easier to their team as well as client. PM helps Designing team, Development team, Testing team and most importantly client. He/She explain project functions to team and share progress to client. During the development, its hard to share how much work has been done and what features are pending but an intelligent PM will explain everything and clear any doubt. He/she break the job in modules, list out complex features, important tasks and work on them seriously.

Skilled project manager is helpful to execute and deliver a project successfully. He/She take help of documentation, emails and direct discussions to describe project functions step by step. Project Manager brainstorm to find a simple to design, simple to use solution to implement complex functions.

Expert PM never try to clone a website, he/she always try to find new ways to implement same features while most of the programmers are expert to create copy, PM guild them to move into right direction. Successful delivery of a project depends on planing, execution, co-ordination, documentation, scheduling and meetings. If a project manager change in the middle, it may stuck the project progress if new manager don’t take it seriously to understand complete idea and current status. We suggest new project manager must consult with previous one to become more familiar about the project if possible.


Every company has and follow best practice to deliver projects but SPS INC is not strict to one. We change/ modify our process based on project, client and circumstances to achieve best results. SPS INC share everything upfront and move forward when we come on same page with client. SPS INC do their research before starting a project not during the development while other companies/ providers start the job without any analysis and stuck in middle then force client to increase cost. It help us to save time and build long terms business relations with client.

Transformation is the right path of Success

It has a very simple meaning, Change the STATE of anything called transformation. TRANSFORMATION is the KEY of Super Success. If you can Transform things to make lives easier like Water into Ice or Cold Drink, Milk into Curd, Ghee and Paneer, Potato into Chips, Soil into Bricks, Grain into Flour…etc you will become more RICHER than someone supply you Water, Milk, selling you Soil, growing Potato and Grain.

It applies same in the Software engineering as well. New and advance technology playing vital role to help public in terms of Transportation, Communications, Health, Education and almost all sectors. It save our valuable time and money like we can book a taxi, pay your bills, send/ receive money, find location and nearby stores, shop any product, order food, send/ receive message, text and video chat. These are the functions that everyone use everyday. But, now we are moving one step forward into iOT, AI which will make huge difference in people’s life. Driverless car, robots will be going to take decisions even better than a human brain based on these technologies.

Technology has potential to grow rapidly. It change very quickly because a large number of manpower working hard to implement their ideas. They aim to make it useful, cost effective and easily accessible. The least funding required industry is software industry. It just require an IDEA. An idea that has power to simplify a process, can save time and money. If you have a great IDEA; you can raise fund easily to get it implemented. You can become Popular and Rich sooner than any other business. In other start-ups, you need to invest more money, time and affords compared to software industry. For example; if you open a food chain you need to invest in many countries but if you develop a mobile app, website or any other software with great idea. You can become more popular than an owner of multi-national food chain.

Small ideas really impress audience and get viral quickly. It can be a notepad app, game app, alarm app, calculator app, browser ext, facebook app and just a blog with a little twist. You need to start what you have in your mind. You need to invest what you have in your pocket.

Please right us your thoughts on this and contact us if you have any idea. We will help you to personalize and improve your idea. We will share the process of implementation. Smart Phone Software Inc (SPS INC) helps SMEs to transforming app ideas, software development ideas, website ideas into reality with improved simplicity. SPS INC transforming ideas and helping SMEs to write success stories.

We are transforming software, computer programs and building new technologies and solutions. So if you supply direct produce you may not have right to sell it own price but if you can TRANSFORM a produce, you can sell it on any price to compete in the market.

Why Simplicity is always on TOP?

Software Development is done in many steps. But the most important part that SPS INC focus first is “requirement analysis” because we check feasibility, competition, possibility of the software in the market. A complete team work together on requirement analysis, database design, graphic design, development, testing etc on various phases.

After launching a software to target audience, we receive actual feedback from them. Software provider should aim to keep it simple to understand, easy to use for target audience. If their target audience are from different age group then its most important to design a software that can be used by novice users as well.

But there are some complex solution also available which is being used by millions users everyday. There is a strategy works. First version of the software designed simple with less features. Then keep improving it to keep user’s excitement alive.

Most of the start-ups face issue with initial funding. They can’t invest large amount to directly develop a complete solution. There is also a risk if their software will be liked by users or not. So, its good idea to start with a MVP (minimum viable product) on small money.

Only a few start-ups has something new to invent and invest while most of the start-ups clone something existing with little changes.

SPS INC keep these things in mind and share suggestions with clients to simplify their idea. We work together with clients to produce improved results to grow with clients. SPS INC strive to follow simple software architecture which is easy to understand by users as well as new team member to update, improve and fix issues.

How to get publish_action approval for facebook apps

It is not a hard process to get your facebook app approved with publish_action. We just need to follow few simple rules and rest assure you will get a “Success” message after 4-5 working days of your submission.

1.Facebook Review:

Facebook check your app manually to approve it so, they ask to share login details (if required) to access your app along with the steps to use it. Facebook checks how app user login their facebook account, which permissions need to provide to share detail, is there any content posting automatically on facebook etc. So, we need to share complete flow of the app in simple steps


2. Screencast video:

it is compulsory to upload a video with your submission to display app flow. Record a video by using some screen capture software to display app steps clearly and upload with your submission.

3. Branding:

you need to take care of Facebook branding when user share any content on facebook. Logo, Button, Icons should have facebook branding to clearly indicate to app users that uploaded content will be published on facebook.

If you will follow these simple steps while your submission. You will surely get success. Please write us in comments if you have any query.